Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Types of Co-Curricular Activities

Types of CCAs

There are generally two types of CCAs.
1.      Core CCA (also known as Main CCA) and;
2.      Merit CCA (also known as Secondary CCA or Optional CCA).
1. Core CCAs
(e.g. Band, Rugby, Boys' Brigade, Track and Field, Singapore Youth Flying Club)
·         These activities normally take up more time and resources.
·         They have more emphasis placed on them by the school.
·         Core CCA is compulsory for secondary school students in Singapore and it is considered an integral part of the education system.
2. Merit CCAs
(e.g. Chess Club, Gardening, Philatelic Club, and Library Club)
·         These are less time-consuming.
·         They are an optional addition for students with an interest in the Merit CCAs subject.
Types of Co-curricular Activities

Co-curricular activities are categorized under seven headings;

I. Literary Activities
2. Physical Development Activities
3. Aesthetic and Cultural Development Activities
4. Civic Development Activities
5. Social Welfare Activities
6. Leisure Time Activities CO-curricular activities
7. Excursion Activities

Types of Co-Curricular activities
  • Morning assembly programmes.
  • Inter-House competitions.
  • House meetings.
  • English recitation.
  • Hindi calligraphy.
  • English calligraphy.
  • On the spot drawing & painting competition.     
  • Group singing.
  • Hindi elocution (pronunciation).
  • English elocution.
  • Solo singing / rhymes.
  • Quiz competitions.
  • Moot (debatable) courts.
  • Rangoli competitions.
  • Individual talent show.
  • Guest talk / slide show.
  • Fancy dress.
  • Various activity clubs.
  • NCC - National Cadet Corps.
  • School band.
  • Scout association.
  • Girl guides.
  • Performing arts.
  • School choirs (singing groups).
  • Foot drills.
  • Annual functions.
  • National sporting competitions.
  • Youth festivals.


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