Saturday, January 15, 2011

Psychological Factors of Classification

1.      Basis of Classification
2.      Chronological Age
3.      Retarded Children
4.      General Intelligence
5.      Attainment in School Subjects
6.      Multiple and Composite Basis
1. Basis of Classification
·        The simplest and the crudest basis of classification is the age of the children
·        Education based on age where elementary education is compulsory and the children join the schools at a certain prescribed age.
·        Generally children are to be chosen of same age
·        Age is generally considered an index of a pupils educational standing (rank)
2. Chronological Age
·        Age is to be considered unreliable basis of classification
·        Difference of age may have difference in abilities
·        Age factor was the simple criterion for classification in views of the teachers and administrators
·        Lock step was introduced for bringing equality
·        Mental ability was according to the chronological age
·        Distribution by age is different in different countries like in USA, chronological age varies from 9 years to 17 years and average being 11-12 years.
·        Attention is focused upon the retardation in schools
3. Retarded Children
·        Retarded factor is very large in educational progress
·        Spending much time in the class for its completion show their retardation specially in rural areas  
·        Stagnation occurs to much larger extent in rural areas than in urban
·        Due to inferiority, retarded pupils usually lose self respect and self confidence
·        Often neglected by the teachers in the class
·        They can not express their feelings by the way of compensation
·        Poor parents can not afford the expenses of their children at schools even if education is free
·        Older students may be sent to their age level students or promoted to the higher classes
·        Retardation is also due to the adjustment of the pupils with their environment

4. General Intelligence
·        Priority is now on mental age in many countries for classification
·        In America, generally group tests are to be used which are considered easy to administer and to score
·        Division of the classes into section usually based on the tests
·        Transfer of the pupil is also considered on the base of these tests
·        These tests for classification help in the progress of the students
·        Intelligence tests are mostly considered useful for primary schools
·        Individual tests are better than group tests for the children under ten or eleven years of age
·        Tests are to be conducted by the trained personnel in the field of psychology
·        Moral qualities, such as application, consciousness, and regularity are necessary for the proper use of intelligence
5. Attainment in School Subjects
·        Weakness in any one of the subject is the psychological factor
·        Future achievements based on the past results of the different subjects
·        Headmaster should take different tests regarding reading, writing and the simplest process of arithmetic
·        Tests realize the pupils to develop their special abilities, together with general abilities and up to the required standards
6. Multiple and Composite Basis
·        Social maturity of the children
·        Physiological growth, their moral and emotional qualities to industry, perseverance, ambition and interest
·        Multiple basis usually be checked against each other but final decision is based on teacher
·        Composite method employs a number of criteria such as psychological development, general intelligence, achievement in the school subjects, social maturity, industry, application, chronological age, etc.
·        Tests are applied in respect of all these traits and raw scores reduce to a composite score


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