Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Definition and Concept of Co-Curricular Activities


A co-curricular activity is defined as a program or out-of-class activity, supervised and/or financed by the school, which provides curriculum-related learning and character building experiences. Co-curricular activities are voluntary, are not part of the regular school curriculum, are not graded and do not earn credits. It is the intent of the School Committee by this policy to encourage academic effort and achievement by the students of the Portland Public Schools.
"Co-curricular activities" means activities conducted on or off school premises by clubs, associations, and organizations of pupils sponsored by the Board of Education; "co-curricular activities" also includes the pupil clubs, associations, and organizations that conduct those activities. "Co-curricular activities" does not include athletic competitions or practices or athletic teams or organizations.

Co-curricular activities (CCAs), previously known as Extracurricular Activities (ECA) are activities that educational organizations in some parts of the world create for school students. They are activities which all school students must attend alongside. In Singapore, the policy was introduced by the Ministry of Education, which believes extra activities for school students are a means to enhance social interaction, leadership, healthy recreation, self-discipline and self-confidence. At higher levels of education, CCA participation may even translate into academic points.
Concept of Co-curricular Activities
Before discussing the importance and need of co-curricular activities, let us be clear about the concept of co-curricular activities.
Four decades ago it was comparatively easy to define co-curricular activities because all of them were organized and promoted largely by students themselves, with relatively little assistance from teachers and administrators. Equipments were meager, little official recognition was given and no credit was allowed for participation.
These activities were really extra curricular.
Today, it is difficult to define co-curricular activities because all teachers have some definite responsibilities for their organization; many full time professional teachers are employed, school rooms, time, equipment and materials are provided; their relationships with regular curricular activities are regarded as vital; credit for participation is allowed and recognition is also given.
In short, we can say that according to modem education thinkers, curriculum is not only teaching and learning in classroom. It also includes work in library, laboratory and workshop, participation in games and sports in playground and numerous informal contacts between teacher and pupils in these places. In these informal contacts there are very many activities. one of which is co-curricular activities. It is a part of curriculum of the institution.


  1. Students' participation in co-curricular activities had been made one of the criteria for entry into universities. What is your opinion of this requirement?

    1. Yes Revan, you are right. It has become the must criteria to seek admission in ranked universities. As Career Adviser, I persoanlly emphesize much more in this area which is a strength of a student's portfolio.

    2. co-curricular activites,according to present concept of educstion, are now considered as media for the realisation of modern aim of education ie,the development of total personality physical,intellectual,emotional,social,moral and spiritual aspects of the personality

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